Almost to 200

Life has been particularly busy for weeks now between work and the start of school for kids. In the rare moments when I have some free time…usually late at night or very early in the morning…I squeeze in an ARAM match. I am very close to 200 wins. It’ll only take several more months to hit the 300 I need for platinum in wins and towers (ha!), though I have been diamond in take downs for some time now.

No more penta kills since my late August post but at times some really great matches. Last night I was playing Graves and my oldest son arrives home from a party and stops by my office to watch over my shoulder. For some reason, having him watch usually means I am going to play horribly, but I had the pleasure of a quadra and several trips and getting to hear my son say “nice, Mom!” several times during the match. Nothing like getting props from your teen for your gameplay 🙂

ARAM Match with Graves 09.27.13


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