My First Penta

Can’t believe I finally got my first penta kill. It was so, so, so very sweet and despite the late hour it’s gonna be hard to get to sleep.

It was my second and last ARAM match of the night, having been invited by a couple of folks from the previous. I rolled Teemo and in truth was a bit nervous. Teemo is a total boss in ARAM and I don’t play him much. Nothin’ worse than playing a strong champion poorly. But I’ve watched him decimate opponents in ARAM enough to know the basic drill – build AP and some attack speed, place ‘shrooms on the health pack spawn sites and in the bush, and max Q as soon as possible.

I knew things were going to go OK when I managed to minimize my deaths overall and got a double kill after being killed early in the game. Come on, how fun is that? But I don’t think most of the opponents were aware of how devastating Teemo can be in ARAM as I was never a real target, except for Fiora near the end. By this time though I was dishing out serious damage and we were pushing hard. We danced around their nexus towers for a good bit but in that final push it happened.

One…then two…then three…then four. The last was tough as the enemy player had just come off the platform and was at full health but somehow it happened and I heard that perfectly pitched phrase “Penta Kill” followed quickly by “Ace” and moments later that was it. What a total blast!

My First Penta Kill to Ace and End the Match


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