Got My Silver

At long last, I have all silver (and one gold) badge in Dominion. Went 10/6/15 on Shyvana with 1170 points (which was a lowly 4th on my team). A huge victory for the PvP noob that I am. Woot, woot, wooooooottttt!! Now on to gold across the board…

Dominion Stats Overview 02.21.13


Current Faves

Over the last month or so, I would put the following on my Current Faves list. There are many other champions I love playing, but I just haven’t as much of late.
•Morganna, Cassiopeia and Annie as AP casters
•Riven, Miss Fortune, Irelia, and Shyvana as AD
•Sona (and perhaps Taric) as support

Really, One More?

As I have repeatedly posted, I have been on a mini quest for silver badges in Dominion. Last night I scored what I thought was my last PvP win on Shyvana, bringing my wins total to 25. I immediately went to check my stats overview and whaaaa? It’s still bronze. So either I am misinformed on the number needed, which is totally possible, or I need to 26 wins, rather than 25, for the badge to update. Boo hoo!

On the bright side, it just means playing more Dominion PvP. That I don’t mind at all!!

Dominion Stats Overview 02.18.13

One More To Go

Just one more Dominion win for silver – woot! Silly goal, I know, but I’m excited. Been rocking Dominion with Shyvana, placing 1st in my last 3 matches. Though now I am wonderin’ what will be my next goal…silver in Classic? Much biggger time commitment and right now my only effective play option, given my current lack of Classic PvP expertise, is Sona support. So while I would eventually get the wins, I’ll be lagging in Takedowns and Minion / Monster kills. Not sure what I’ll do next. For now, my focus is one more to go!