I Surrender For Now

My fourth attempt at jungling – another custom game versus bots with Lee Sin – and I am failing miserably!! You know you are f***ed when you are recalling at level 1. Right now I don’t have the desire to settle into jungling videos and how to forum posts and instead, am going to jump into a Ranked match and see how I fare. If that doesn’t go well, I am stepping down into a Classic Bots games with a champ likely to net me a nice slew of total kills to bolster my battered and trampled ego. Huzzah!


Under Everything

Lee Sin was ready and I jungled for the first time tonight. Had my Summoner’s Rift map with all the jungle mobs identified sitting next to me on the couch for reference (super geek, she’s a super geek, yaw yaw).

I played two custom games then joined a beg bots game. I did pretty well in one of the 2 custom games against bots, which doesn’t count for much, but unlike the other 2 games, I wasn’t underleveled and gold starved. Will have to check out proper jungle builds and runes and generally figure out how to level up as quickly as my mates in lane. Not certain why that 2nd custom game was so much better but I think it was because I was successfully ganking, providing me with the kills I needed to stay on level with my team.

What I do like about jungling is it is a new challenge. One of the many things I luv about League is that there is layer after layer after layer of learning possible. Fun, fun, fun!!

Lee Sin On Sale

So I am a total sucker for sales and League is no different. I almost always check out the sale items in the store immediately after log on. And who happened to be on sale tonight but Lee Sin, a supposedly solid S3 jungler. Like I would know, since jungling is theoretical only at this point for me, but so says StonewallRoG and many others.

And whaddya know? His Acolyte skin was on sale, too. [ching ching – the sound of more incoming cash to Riot]

Off to a bots game with my jungle map in hand. Look away now, it won’t be pretty.

Forum Post’ll Make You Smile

So as I embark on my Ranked adventure (whoa, I’m all of 2 and 3, watch out!), I realized two things: 1) I don’t know the jungle well enough and 2) well, I’ve never jungled! ACK!!

An internet search ensued for “jungling 101 lol” and up pops a post from January 2011 from someone on the EU servers. I am only a few paragraphs into it, but it is so funny!! This guy has no lack of hyperfrenetic writing energy and his story of how he learned English cracks me up. I quote:

I apologize in advance for my faulty english….totally derives from insulting other guy´s moms and random forum-flaming. Digital era rocks.

I have no idea yet whether the jungling info in the post is any good but the post is IMHO, well worth at least a scan if not full out read: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=471041&highlight=