Almost to 200

Life has been particularly busy for weeks now between work and the start of school for kids. In the rare moments when I have some free time…usually late at night or very early in the morning…I squeeze in an ARAM match. I am very close to 200 wins. It’ll only take several more months to hit the 300 I need for platinum in wins and towers (ha!), though I have been diamond in take downs for some time now.

No more penta kills since my late August post but at times some really great matches. Last night I was playing Graves and my oldest son arrives home from a party and stops by my office to watch over my shoulder. For some reason, having him watch usually means I am going to play horribly, but I had the pleasure of a quadra and several trips and getting to hear my son say “nice, Mom!” several times during the match. Nothing like getting props from your teen for your gameplay 🙂

ARAM Match with Graves 09.27.13


League Phone Skins

Just wanted to pass along that skinit has some great League of Legends skins for smartphones as well as for other devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. The champs they have include Jax, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Ashe, Morgana, Graves, Vi and Riven. You can view the artwork here.

I am waiting for my Ashe skin to arrive for my HTC 8X smartphone. Totally psyched! Have never purchased one of their device skins before so I can’t attest to their quality yet, but they have custom skins for specific device models so that they fit (in theory) the device perfectly. Will update later once the Ashe skin arrives to let you know how I like it and to share photos.