Been Too Long

Of late I have had only sporadic and scattered moments to play. When those moments arrive, I have been working on Karma or Elise or another new (to me) champ. So each game has been either a little to a lot disappointing. Working into a new champ, at least for me, takes a good bit of time.

So this morning I had some solid free time to play. Pulled out one of my all-time favorite champs, Miss Fortune, and jumped into a low stress intermediate Classic bots game. Always nice to share a first name with a fave champ plus it felt so, so good to get in a solid game for the first time in quite a while.

Miss Fortune 04.05.13


At Long Last…

I have not played much recently due to work and sick kiddos though that is not entirely true. I actually have played quite a few beginner bot matches with my son and/or my son and husband in the evening after the youngest is in bed. But I find myself in a bit of a quandary about League. I am too busy and distracted to contemplate a Normal match, much less Ranked, the Dominion PvP queue is still usually far too long (boo! I adore Dominion), and intermediate bots are fine for honing your gameplay on a new character but don’t hold much challenge any more. Sigh. But I’ll queue for a quick intermediate bots match before I start dinner as that is about all I can risk with the potential for interruption from kiddos or phone or animals or other. At long last…even if it isn’t exactly the gaming fix I would hope for.


How is it that I’ve played as long as I have and I have absolutely no idea how to ping? Seriously. There is likely a very cold place in League hell with my name on it. It’s even possible that my ignorance is an offense punishable by the Tribunal.

In my defense, I tend to be a follower in video games. I rarely tell someone else what to do. I watch the ebb and flow and fill in where I am needed, or watch for other people’s pings and respond if I can. But I ended up in the most miserable intermediate bots game last night, largely because I was just terrible (like really, really terrible), and also because I was playing with a great number of newbies. Here was a case where I needed to communicate and other than type, type typing, I had no way to do that. I am ping-less.

Here’s what I’ve found after a few searches. Gonna jump into a custom game and try this out. Also discovered how to level up my skills with Ctrl+Q/W/E/R. Whoa! I use keyboard keys for all skills and summoner spells, as I’ve played enough games  to understand the speed benefit, but somehow that one has escaped me as well. Please, don’t anybody tell Riot!

  • ”Care” pings to make people look at minimap and take caution:
    ”care” = The yellow ping ( [V] + click on mini-map ) < your lane.
    ”care” = The yellow ping ( [CTRL] + click on mini-map ) < your lane.
  • ”Go” pings to mark a champ or a place to attack with someone:
    ”go” = The blue ping ( [G] + click on mini-map) < where you want it
    ”go” = The blue ping ( [ALT] + click on mini-map) < where you want it

My Fave Escape

Work is done. Dishes done. Load of laundry going. Kids put to bed. And now I get to play!! Thinking I’ll go total escape and relaxation with an intermediate bots game on Lux (since I’m 12 minutes into the Dominion PvP queue and no luck). Had so much fun with her earlier today I’ll just enjoy and work on getting her gameplay down pat.

On a side note, got a great comment on one of my earlier posts about the trials of learning to jungle and the difficulties of snarky, in-game sniping. So satisfying to have a friendly back-and-forth with a fellow blogger and LoL player. Many thanks to TwoHP – your blog totally rocks!!

No Luck

Well, the infamous “last person” didn’t accept the Dominion PvP match after a pretty quick 4 minute wait. Once I had been in queue about 20 minutes total I gave it up and am jumping into a Classic intermediate bots match. Selected Miss Fortune. Not the fix I was hoping for but it’ll do.

Second Go on Taric

Played a quick Classic bots game to get my first win of the day bonus and went with Taric. This time things went much better. I maxed Q and E for the heal and the damage and began to have a few things just happen right, at times getting into a good rhythm. Will need to figure out how to work W into the mix, but the game went relatively quick…was only level 15 when it ended, typical for most Classic beginner bot matches.

He is growing on me – in a good way. Need to continue to remind myself that E has a bit of range (though does do more damage closer you are). He’s a big dude with heavy armor and a huge sword so visually he screams melee (which he is for the most part). Getting in more play time helps me overcome the visual cues and know without thinking that I can be a bit back of my target if I so choose with that particular attack.

Verdict is still out whether he makes onto my “most played” list.