Lazy Afternoon

It is a gorgeously sunny and clear day in Seattle. And where am I? Inside playing League with my oldest who has been at home due to cough and fever for the last couple of days. He is luckily feeling better now and we are enjoying some solo game time together. My youngest is out at the park with a friend – at least he is getting his dose of Vitamin D!


At Long Last…

I have not played much recently due to work and sick kiddos though that is not entirely true. I actually have played quite a few beginner bot matches with my son and/or my son and husband in the evening after the youngest is in bed. But I find myself in a bit of a quandary about League. I am too busy and distracted to contemplate a Normal match, much less Ranked, the Dominion PvP queue is still usually far too long (boo! I adore Dominion), and intermediate bots are fine for honing your gameplay on a new character but don’t hold much challenge any more. Sigh. But I’ll queue for a quick intermediate bots match before I start dinner as that is about all I can risk with the potential for interruption from kiddos or phone or animals or other. At long last…even if it isn’t exactly the gaming fix I would hope for.

Boyz n Lego Star Wars

I have two boys – one age 5, one age 12. Yea, crazy split in years but just the way it turned out. When the oldest was in elementary, we played hours of the Lego Star Wars games on Xbox. And now the youngest – who already plays Minecraft and even WoW – has the bug and I get to relive the memories and great gameplay all over again, now on the 360.

Both boys are on the couch, playing away on Lego Star Wars II, hunting for all the mini kits in one of the levels. They are so excited that they now have Bobba Fett and are able to get to several of the kits that had evaded them until this point. Too cute.