Negative IP?

It had been months since I played League, opting instead to spend most of my gaming hours playing Hearthstone. But in the last couple of weeks, I have been logging back on and enjoying. Because I have been playing more Classic, I was checking my support roster and decided to give Shen a try. I purchased him with a backlog of IP, and check out what I saw after making that purchase?? Yup, I had a negative IP balance (even though in reality I had a little over 2K IP left). Once I logged out and back in, all was fixed, but it was too funny not to take a screen shot.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Negative IP 12.24.15


Deterrent? Me Thinks No

So logging in to an ARAM match today and lo and behold, seems that verbally abusive players now lose 16% more games, up 3% from 13%.

While I am glad Riot updated the fonts on the random blurbs as everyone summons, I generally feel that verbally abusive players aren’t gonna give a crap about this one.

Maybe that’s just me.

Oft Repeated ARAM Joke

You’ve queued for ARAM and you’re in the lobby, celebrating or bemoaning your random champion selection and someone types “mid.” Now I am easily amused, but it always makes me giggle.

Even better is when it continues. Someone else says “bot” and maybe someone gets a little crazy and says “me and Nunu top.”

You’re in ARAM. And someone calls “mid.” Am I the only one that thinks it hilariously funny?

Totally Off Topic

So after finding the smart ping URL I wanted to get it to my oldest who is home with me today as there is no school this Friday. Booted up Skype to send him the link, which I did, and then he taught me an extremely valuable Skype lesson…how to moon in chat!! Yup, seriously important life information here. Open parentheses, type mooning, close parentheses. And if you add a little copy and paste, you can spam your moon like this…ROFL!!

Skype Mooning

Luvin’ This LoL Music Vid

Thanks to @MisterHotcha and @Stonewall008 for tweeting the link. Absolutely LOVED it.  Some content not suitable for young audiences (translation – for all you parents, go under headphones if you have young kiddos in the room). Here’s the link:

I’m gonna pop your flash…only got 20 seconds till my ult’s up…

Forum Post’ll Make You Smile

So as I embark on my Ranked adventure (whoa, I’m all of 2 and 3, watch out!), I realized two things: 1) I don’t know the jungle well enough and 2) well, I’ve never jungled! ACK!!

An internet search ensued for “jungling 101 lol” and up pops a post from January 2011 from someone on the EU servers. I am only a few paragraphs into it, but it is so funny!! This guy has no lack of hyperfrenetic writing energy and his story of how he learned English cracks me up. I quote:

I apologize in advance for my faulty english….totally derives from insulting other guy´s moms and random forum-flaming. Digital era rocks.

I have no idea yet whether the jungling info in the post is any good but the post is IMHO, well worth at least a scan if not full out read:

This One Made Me Laugh

I don’t play Garen. His dialogue in game annoys me to the point of pain. Just can’t do it. Only bought him because my tween wanted to buy Lux and, well, Garen is her brother, and we enjoyed a few fun sister and brother matches before he tired of Lux and another champ captured his fancy. Seriously…can’t…do it. I actually stopped playing MF for a long time because her maniacal laugh during Make It Rain just drove me insane. I got over it with MF and love playing her, but could never make it happen with through-and-through Demacian Garen.

That being said, still found this Garen comic quite amusing. I am also a sucker for Viso-like flow charts.