At Long Last…

I have not played much recently due to work and sick kiddos though that is not entirely true. I actually have played quite a few beginner bot matches with my son and/or my son and husband in the evening after the youngest is in bed. But I find myself in a bit of a quandary about League. I am too busy and distracted to contemplate a Normal match, much less Ranked, the Dominion PvP queue is still usually far too long (boo! I adore Dominion), and intermediate bots are fine for honing your gameplay on a new character but don’t hold much challenge any more. Sigh. But I’ll queue for a quick intermediate bots match before I start dinner as that is about all I can risk with the potential for interruption from kiddos or phone or animals or other. At long last…even if it isn’t exactly the gaming fix I would hope for.


Catch a Quick Game

Been a lovely weekend for the most part. A bit rainy here in Seattle yesterday but today the sun made an appearance and got out to the park for several hours with the youngest. He is now enjoying Lego Star Wars III on the Xbox while hubbie and oldest do the weekly grocery shopping so I am going to get in a game of League before heading to the 5th Avenue theatre tonight to get the scoop on the 2013-2014 season. Life is good.

Quick Game

Have about 30 minutes before having to pick up a kiddo from a friends. Hopping into a Classic Bots game with Morganna cuz the PvP Dominion queue was proving too long. And I can create an entire post in the time it is taking for all 5 of us to summon. Multi-tasking is a beautiful thing.