Got 90

Woot, woot!! Just snagged ARAM win #90 playing dearly beloved Ashe, making this a very fitting 90th blog post.

I don’t play Ashe much anymore. For some reason I rarely roll her in ARAM, but like many, she was my first champ and as you’ve seen in previous posts, I see her multiple times a day as she adorns the back of my smartphone.

Not a really special match per se. We had Lux, Soraka, Karthus and a fifth champion whose name totally escapes me. We were strong from the get go and in large part due to Karthus with good support from Soraka and Lux. I didn’t have a great match but did put together a mean Attack Speed build that was mowing folks down near the end. Watching her animation with 2+ attacks per second as we were taking down the nexus was quite pleasing (and a bit surreal).

So it’s 10 more wins and I have my gold in ARAM!!


Ashe Smartphone Skin

A few pics of the Ashe smartphone skin I purchased recently. I absolutely love the way it looks. The colors perfectly complement the deep purple blue of my HTC 8X. I have only two gripes and one warning if you decide to get one for yourself. Overall, I highly recommend it for the unique personalization and gorgeous graphics, but just so you know…

  • I am not a fan of the slightly rough edges that the skin creates. Greatly detracts from the feel of the phone in my hand. However, I love it too much to remove it.
  • Placing the skin “frame” on the front of the phone was a real pain in the rear. Extremely difficult to place where you want and keep it straight. Make sure you have time and are feeling generally Zen.
  • WARNING – When placing the skin “frame” on the front of the phone, make sure you know where the proximity sensor is on your phone and don’t let any of the skin, even a tiny edge, cover it. Otherwise your phone screen will go dark anytime you make a voice call, making it impossible to press additional numbers or even hang up at the end of a call (yes, I speak from personal experience).

Ashe Smarphone Skin on Back of PhoneAshe Smarphone Skin on Front of Phone

League Phone Skins

Just wanted to pass along that skinit has some great League of Legends skins for smartphones as well as for other devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. The champs they have include Jax, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Ashe, Morgana, Graves, Vi and Riven. You can view the artwork here.

I am waiting for my Ashe skin to arrive for my HTC 8X smartphone. Totally psyched! Have never purchased one of their device skins before so I can’t attest to their quality yet, but they have custom skins for specific device models so that they fit (in theory) the device perfectly. Will update later once the Ashe skin arrives to let you know how I like it and to share photos.