ARAM Top 10

So for a couple of weeks now I’ve been playing nothing but ARAM matches. Here are my top 10 reasons for loving ARAM (and no, it’s not a top 10 ARAM champions list, but that would be a great post, too):

10. There is minimal to no sniping as the fighting is nonstop. You snipe, you die.

9. Matches are fast-paced, frenetic, and typically last a pleasant 20-30 minutes.

8. Less common to be completely annihilated by a team of folks who know the meta game by heart and how to maximize their fave champs to win it. Random rocks.

7. Because many of the players may be rusty or new to the random champion they rolled, folks are generally more kind-hearted. Compassion is a beautiful thing.

6. Support champs are a blast to play in ARAM as your skills are highly valuable and your teammates are almost always close at hand for your buffs and/or healing.

5. Champions that aren’t that remarkable in Classic or even Dominion can suddenly shine. Great examples are Xerath, Pantheon, and Heimerdinger.

4. The cute little bunnies that tell you if someone is hiding in the bush. Just not sure they are actually bunnies….

3.  You are forced, over time, to play all of your champions. I’m actually getting pretty good at many that were dusty from lack of use.

2. Great opportunity to quickly learn a champion’s skill set as the fighting is nonstop. Spam, spam, spam.

1. And did I mention minimal to no sniping? Thank goodness for a venue where you can play without getting cursed at. Usually 😉

Well there you have. Those are my top 10 reasons for loving ARAM.  What are yours?


Luv’in ARAM

So despite the length of time since my last post, I have been happily playing League in the rare free moments I have these days (starting your own business is time-consuming!). No grand plans to play Ranked or even Normal. Most days I just can’t muster the focused attention it requires.

My fave moments of late have been duking it out in the All Random All Mid (ARAM) map. Now I have definitely had some pretty crappy games, rolling a melee champ or one that I haven’t played in forever. But I did have an amazing match recently on Lux. Granted we had a near ideal team with 4 ranged champs and Darius. We completely rolled over the enemy team with a total of almost 200 team assists. It rocked!

One of the things I love about ARAM is that it forces me to play champs that I may not have played for a long time or to create new strategies with champs that wouldn’t work (as well or at all) in Classic or Dominion. I rolled Xerath for a match and internally went “uggh” but it ended up being a fabulous match for me, using his Locus of Power on W to root him in place and dish out a devastating Arcanopulse. Even better was when his ult was up and I could follow up three times with his Arcane Barrage. Total fun!

Another bonus is that ARAM is extremely fast-paced like Dominion so that it minimizes and often eliminates any sniping. I did play Taric last night and was rightfully bashed by one player who venomously instructed me to never play Ranked. Hell no I wouldn’t play Ranked with Taric! He is still very much a work in progress for me.

And then the third thing that is a blast with ARAM is that support characters can be a real delight to play. No chasing your carry or finding yourself solo in lane….your allies are always close at hand and any support that can heal is a huge boon given that you cannot heal on your platform.

So once the youngest heads off to preschool I think I will sneak in a match or two!