Lee Sin On Sale

So I am a total sucker for sales and League is no different. I almost always check out the sale items in the store immediately after log on. And who happened to be on sale tonight but Lee Sin, a supposedly solid S3 jungler. Like I would know, since jungling is theoretical only at this point for me, but so says StonewallRoG and many others.

And whaddya know? His Acolyte skin was on sale, too. [ching ching – the sound of more incoming cash to Riot]

Off to a bots game with my jungle map in hand. Look away now, it won’t be pretty.


F’in Gorgeous

Had bought the Exiled Morganna skin recently on sale but just got the chance to play with her. OMFG IT’S GORGEOUS IN GAME!! I am soooo, sooooo in love. I have the Blackthorn skin and luv it, too, but the in-game auras and the vivid red, wow. Seriously beautiful stuff. I bow deeply to the designers at Riot.

And it is definitely official. Morganna is my fave AP mage, with Cassiopeia a close second. The Dark Binding + Tormented Soil is just too fun.

First Go on Orianna

She was on sale recently. Bought her cuz I am just a few gals away from my quest to have all of ’em. Played a miserable round of Classic / Beginner Bots with her on first go. Truly sucked. Totally off a good rhythm after bout level 5. Near the end I started to get the hang of chaining Q and E but long way from getting comfortable and keeping track of the ball. Gonna try again.