24 Wins to Plat

So continuing to slowly make my way to Platinum in ARAM. While I did finally get through the provisional Ranked matches for Normal (yea!) and secured my silver frame for the duration of the upcoming season, I continue to be plagued by random lag spikes that makes me hesitant to jump into Ranked Normal matches. For example, in the ARAM match tonight that secured my 276th ARAM win, I was helping take down the nexus when I was stuck in a never ending “Attempting to Reconnect” moment that continued even after I got up and left and came back and required me to leave the game before it resolved. Not the sort of experience that makes me eager to jump into Ranked matches…

ARAM Badges 11.23.13



Ranked or Normal?

Per previous posts, I had set off on a humble mission to reach Bronze in Ranked but after about 4 or 5 games I am reconsidering. For one, I could use some more Normal games under my belt in certain roles, particularly solo top and jungle. I am really weak on both as was evidenced by my miserable showing on Irelia as solo top and my to date wildly unsuccessful jungle attempts against bots.

The second reason is that folks take Ranked way, way too seriously IMHO. It would be one thing if I were in a higher tier but I’m down at the bottom with all the other ranked noobs. I expected there to be some slack within that group but there is always, it seems, at least one person who will moan and gripe the entire game. What is unfortunate is that Normal isn’t all that much better, so a part of me wonders if I shouldn’t just go for Ranked anyway as it’s not like I avoid the trash talk in Normal.

I am pretty good at ignoring idiots but there are those days when it gets under my skin as much as I try not to let it. League player behavior is definitely the topic du jour. It isn’t hard to find long discussions on the problem (a good one is here) and PAX East is even devoting a panel discussion to the topic.

I love the game too much to stop playing for sure, but am curious to see how I weather the griping in Normal and Ranked. Bots at least keep their mouths shut (oh wait, no they don’t anymore! ;)). And on a side note, one thing I actually really, really love about Dominion is that there is hardly ever any serious complaining, even in PvP. I think part of this is the extremely fast pace of the gameplay…you bitch, you die, and in short order.

I Surrender For Now

My fourth attempt at jungling – another custom game versus bots with Lee Sin – and I am failing miserably!! You know you are f***ed when you are recalling at level 1. Right now I don’t have the desire to settle into jungling videos and how to forum posts and instead, am going to jump into a Ranked match and see how I fare. If that doesn’t go well, I am stepping down into a Classic Bots games with a champ likely to net me a nice slew of total kills to bolster my battered and trampled ego. Huzzah!

Forum Post’ll Make You Smile

So as I embark on my Ranked adventure (whoa, I’m all of 2 and 3, watch out!), I realized two things: 1) I don’t know the jungle well enough and 2) well, I’ve never jungled! ACK!!

An internet search ensued for “jungling 101 lol” and up pops a post from January 2011 from someone on the EU servers. I am only a few paragraphs into it, but it is so funny!! This guy has no lack of hyperfrenetic writing energy and his story of how he learned English cracks me up. I quote:

I apologize in advance for my faulty english….totally derives from insulting other guy´s moms and random forum-flaming. Digital era rocks.

I have no idea yet whether the jungling info in the post is any good but the post is IMHO, well worth at least a scan if not full out read: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=471041&highlight=

Embarking on Ranked

So I’ve avoided ranked play for ages now but have played my first two ranked solo games and managed to win both of them. Playing Sona support but likely gonna jump on a normal game to brush up on Nami who I adore as well. So far so good. Haven’t gotten yelled at, played pretty decently, slowly learning the mid game mechanics. Someone today was doing a great job of posting the game time for heading to baron and seemed to know the exact respawn times for dragon and others. My brain just ain’t that good so was glad to have the awesome help.

Loong Way To Go

So a neighbor who’s now in college was online last night and through chat asked “wanna play a game?” I said “sure” and before I know it, I’m in the ranked queue for the very first time with an entire team where each has at least 300 to 400 ranked wins under their belt. GULP.

Needless to say I was way out of my league (no pun intended) but did have a great time. Played Sona support, which is my only marginally comfortable role in Classic so far. It was a super close game the whole way but we ultimately lost. We likely would have won if I could have held up my role better but they were awfully nice to me and I now have the itch to play ranked.

I am bummed that there is no ranked Dominion…or do I just not know how to get into it? In truth, I’ve played Classic PvP enough times that I have no idea how the Ranked Solo/Duo queue evaded my notice until last night, but it did.

After my extremely humbling experience with players faaaar better than I, I did queue up Solo Ranked again, placing me in a team with a similar lack of experience, and to my relief we handily won at 33 minutes. So going forward, I have a new goal. Going for Silver in Classic Ranked!