League Phone Skins

Just wanted to pass along that skinit has some great League of Legends skins for smartphones as well as for other devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. The champs they have include Jax, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Ashe, Morgana, Graves, Vi and Riven. You can view the artwork here.

I am waiting for my Ashe skin to arrive for my HTC 8X smartphone. Totally psyched! Have never purchased one of their device skins before so I can’t attest to their quality yet, but they have custom skins for specific device models so that they fit (in theory) the device perfectly. Will update later once the Ashe skin arrives to let you know how I like it and to share photos.



Been Too Long

Of late I have had only sporadic and scattered moments to play. When those moments arrive, I have been working on Karma or Elise or another new (to me) champ. So each game has been either a little to a lot disappointing. Working into a new champ, at least for me, takes a good bit of time.

So this morning I had some solid free time to play. Pulled out one of my all-time favorite champs, Miss Fortune, and jumped into a low stress intermediate Classic bots game. Always nice to share a first name with a fave champ plus it felt so, so good to get in a solid game for the first time in quite a while.

Miss Fortune 04.05.13

No Luck

Well, the infamous “last person” didn’t accept the Dominion PvP match after a pretty quick 4 minute wait. Once I had been in queue about 20 minutes total I gave it up and am jumping into a Classic intermediate bots match. Selected Miss Fortune. Not the fix I was hoping for but it’ll do.

Current Faves

Over the last month or so, I would put the following on my Current Faves list. There are many other champions I love playing, but I just haven’t as much of late.
•Morganna, Cassiopeia and Annie as AP casters
•Riven, Miss Fortune, Irelia, and Shyvana as AD
•Sona (and perhaps Taric) as support