Gleefully Giggling

There are so many things about League that I love but one is certainly how fresh the game can still be after playing almost daily for about 9 months. Lux is now my girl (after only 2 fabulous intermediate bots games) with Quinn a solid second, so that only a week or so after posting my fave champions, the list already looks pretty different. Add to that honing my skills in solo top and jungling as well as continuing to learn the overall meta game in Classic and I am a gleefully giggling happy player who has many more months of total fun in the works with League. Thank you, Riot, for the simple joy you bring to my life.

Time to queue up for more intermediate bots…still working on Lux’s shield and remembering to use it appropriately in my rotation. I keep forgetting I have it!


Lovin’ Quinn

I broke down last night and loaded some RP on my account to buy the Phoenix Quinn bundle. I haven’t played her in Classic yet but she is a total blast in Dominion! Her Vault move on E is perfect for defending your towers and she gets great movement speed boosts from W. Curious to see how she will play in Classic.

Drooling Over Quinn

After ultimate practice pickup, the oldest goes, “Hey Mom, there’s a new champion coming out!” Of course we both take a look right away. Can’t WAIT for Quinn and Valor to come out. Lulu has Pix and Annie has Tibbbers (and I guess Nunu has Willump) but here’s another wicked cool champion combo – Quinn and her rare Demacian eagle. Lots of interesting possibilities

  • Enough move complexity to keep you engaged – each move has two attacks based on whether Quinn or Valor is active, similar to Nidalee and her cougar and Elise and her spider form
  • Ranged crossbow as primary with Valor providing melee bursts via Tag Team (R)
  • One move that can blind nearby enemies (Q) and one move to reveal the bush (W)
  • Two moves that allow Quinn to pull quickly out of combat (E and R)

She sounds so fun, looks wicked, and come on…she has an eagle.

Also gives LoL their first Q champion!!