Plat in ARAM

So I just nabbed my 301st ARAM win in a match that I felt certain we would lose. After a miserable start where we were over 20 kills behind, we slowly clawed our way back into contention and actually won in a relatively short 20-minute match. Got my shiny new platinum badge for wins in ARAM. WOOT!

ARAM Badges at 301 Wins 12.01.13


One More Win!

Despite incredibly awful lag of late…so much so that in several games I was just feeding inadvertently and so exiled myself to the platform…I have managed to rack up enough ARAM wins to be one away from 300! I don’t think I will get the plat badge until I have 301 wins but so, so close!

ARAM Badges at 299 Wins 12.01.13