LoL’s New Cinematic Rocks

Logged into League of Legends today and after a brief patch, was greeted to the link to the new cinematic. It is truly incredible, in my humble opinion, and it gives me chill bumps watching it. My fave moments include:

  • The realism of Twisted Fate in the opening scene
  • How you get a panned in close-up of Twisted Fates stun card before he hurls it at Fiddlesticks
  • The shift to the battle between Ryze and an unknown opponent
  • The slo-mo moment where one of Ryze’s scrolls gets lopped off by Nocturne’s blade
  • The animation of Ryze’s spell book as he sets up a one-two combo against Nocturne
  • Katarina’s amazing agility, speed and tumbling skills as she goes at it with Garen – particularly as she spins horizontally in the air before landing
  • When Katarina blows her hair out of her face (watch for it if you missed it!)
  • The appearance of Annie and the perfect child-like music as she cuddles Tibbers
  • The flaming rage of Tibbers as he is called forth to battle against Tryndamere
  • And the appearance of Baron to wrap it all up

Makes me want to see more, more, more!