Gleefully Giggling

There are so many things about League that I love but one is certainly how fresh the game can still be after playing almost daily for about 9 months. Lux is now my girl (after only 2 fabulous intermediate bots games) with Quinn a solid second, so that only a week or so after posting my fave champions, the list already looks pretty different. Add to that honing my skills in solo top and jungling as well as continuing to learn the overall meta game in Classic and I am a gleefully giggling happy player who has many more months of total fun in the works with League. Thank you, Riot, for the simple joy you bring to my life.

Time to queue up for more intermediate bots…still working on Lux’s shield and remembering to use it appropriately in my rotation. I keep forgetting I have it!


Second Go on Taric

Played a quick Classic bots game to get my first win of the day bonus and went with Taric. This time things went much better. I maxed Q and E for the heal and the damage and began to have a few things just happen right, at times getting into a good rhythm. Will need to figure out how to work W into the mix, but the game went relatively quick…was only level 15 when it ended, typical for most Classic beginner bot matches.

He is growing on me – in a good way. Need to continue to remind myself that E has a bit of range (though does do more damage closer you are). He’s a big dude with heavy armor and a huge sword so visually he screams melee (which he is for the most part). Getting in more play time helps me overcome the visual cues and know without thinking that I can be a bit back of my target if I so choose with that particular attack.

Verdict is still out whether he makes onto my “most played” list.