Perfecting Lux

I was getting frustrated a bit with Lux yesterday. Timing that darn Lucent Singularity so that it explodes for damage at the right time is a total bear. Then today I reread the abilities text – DOH! Hit your E again, dummy, and it explodes when you want it. Crazy how much difference that tiny little detail can make. I am still making the mistake of popping Light Binding on Q before I have a singularity or other attack set up, but getting good at using it to escape or to snare folks in team fights and am generally decent with skill shots. I am also spamming my shield easily on W so that’s good.

I still need to work out the best timing for Lux’s ult. Occasionally it is pretty darn obvious when to pop it but I haven’t played her enough to know how far down champs should be before I get the kill with it. If I wait too long, they either escape or other folks get the kill. The escaping is frustrating and having other folks get the kill is fine…I personally love assists as much as kills (well, almost as much ;))…but it’s a waste of her ult. To counter, I am trying to just use it when it makes sense and it’s up so I get more practice and can see how much damage it does depending on my level, build and other champ.

Now that I am officially in love with Lux I did purchase the Steel Legion skin. As many have already noted, her skins are pretty “weh” overall, despite having a number of them. Of all of them I think I made the right choice, though many people really love the Spell Thief skin. Would love to see them update the artwork for the Sorceress skin – the in game visuals are actually pretty good – and if they could fix the in game visuals for Imperial Lux I think the artwork is totally boss. I’ve read several folks describe the Imperial Lux in game as looking like a McDonald’s employee (red hat and all). Not that appealing…

Anyhoo, enough rambling about Lux and on to one more game before I need to get serious about the day and get “real work” done. Ha!


F’in Gorgeous

Had bought the Exiled Morganna skin recently on sale but just got the chance to play with her. OMFG IT’S GORGEOUS IN GAME!! I am soooo, sooooo in love. I have the Blackthorn skin and luv it, too, but the in-game auras and the vivid red, wow. Seriously beautiful stuff. I bow deeply to the designers at Riot.

And it is definitely official. Morganna is my fave AP mage, with Cassiopeia a close second. The Dark Binding + Tormented Soil is just too fun.

Skin Name Font Sizes

OK, so I’ve been waiting for Riot to mess with the font size of the various skin names for a while. I have Road Warrior Miss Fortune, and I knew they couldn’t leave it be cuz “Road Warrior Miss Fortune” extended into the shading around the frame. But Riot…the different font sizes is worse, IMHO.

My guess is that this “too longness” was exacerbated when translating (German is the worst in that regard, from what I understand) OR the designers couldn’t bear the longer names. But visually, having different font sizes for summoner names just looks wrong. You have my sympathy, but please change it. I like the summoner name fonts all the same size!!