Deterrent? Me Thinks No

So logging in to an ARAM match today and lo and behold, seems that verbally abusive players now lose 16% more games, up 3% from 13%.

While I am glad Riot updated the fonts on┬áthe random blurbs as everyone summons, I generally feel that verbally abusive players aren’t gonna give a crap about this one.

Maybe that’s just me.


The Surprise

So suddenly I have a new plat ARAM badge, discovered only just now as I checked my ARAM stats post a satisfying win.

Is the towers cap different from the wins cap? Looks like it. Or will be wins go plat, too? Somehow I think not, as it typically turns at one over the cap, say at 201, not after 202.

But oooh….shiny new badge! Or is that medal?!?

RAM 202 Towers 202 Wins 09.30.13 - Platinum at 200 Towers