A Good Game

It was with some trepidation that I launched into a Classic draft pick normal game. I don’t like to do poorly and get yelled at, and well, that does sometimes happen. But a game of League was my treat to myself for mowing the front yard and now I am basking in the glow of an easy team win…and I was never yelled at, even when I banned Maokai instead of Malphite (hey, I was distracted by the dog barking like mad in the back yard and wondering if I would have to leave my ‘puter to settle things down, heaven forbid). Played Sona support and went 4/0/21. Aaaaahhhh….I love it when a game goes well.

Sona Classic Draft Pick Normal 03.08.13


Embarking on Ranked

So I’ve avoided ranked play for ages now but have played my first two ranked solo games and managed to win both of them. Playing Sona support but likely gonna jump on a normal game to brush up on Nami who I adore as well. So far so good. Haven’t gotten yelled at, played pretty decently, slowly learning the mid game mechanics. Someone today was doing a great job of posting the game time for heading to baron and seemed to know the exact respawn times for dragon and others. My brain just ain’t that good so was glad to have the awesome help.

Loong Way To Go

So a neighbor who’s now in college was online last night and through chat asked “wanna play a game?” I said “sure” and before I know it, I’m in the ranked queue for the very first time with an entire team where each has at least 300 to 400 ranked wins under their belt. GULP.

Needless to say I was way out of my league (no pun intended) but did have a great time. Played Sona support, which is my only marginally comfortable role in Classic so far. It was a super close game the whole way but we ultimately lost. We likely would have won if I could have held up my role better but they were awfully nice to me and I now have the itch to play ranked.

I am bummed that there is no ranked Dominion…or do I just not know how to get into it? In truth, I’ve played Classic PvP enough times that I have no idea how the Ranked Solo/Duo queue evaded my notice until last night, but it did.

After my extremely humbling experience with players faaaar better than I, I did queue up Solo Ranked again, placing me in a team with a similar lack of experience, and to my relief we handily won at 33 minutes. So going forward, I have a new goal. Going for Silver in Classic Ranked!

Current Faves

Over the last month or so, I would put the following on my Current Faves list. There are many other champions I love playing, but I just haven’t as much of late.
•Morganna, Cassiopeia and Annie as AP casters
•Riven, Miss Fortune, Irelia, and Shyvana as AD
•Sona (and perhaps Taric) as support

Nice Win

Sometimes a Classic PvP match goes…well, pert near perfect. Just had such a match on Sona. Laned bot with Vayne. Pushed our lane perfectly. Started pulling 3 and 4 of em as they tried to shut us down but team helped out. Got Baron. Finished ’em off around 52 minutes. Good rhythm throughout. Was nice.

Now the dilemma is do I go to bed on a good note, or push my luck and try one more before bed? (PS I decided to savor the win and crawled into bed around 1am).


Tried to get a Dominion PvP match but after a 20 minute queue and no match yet, I hopped into a Classic PvP match. Admittedly, my skills at PvP on Summoner’s Rift are at best average. Wanted to play Morganna but she got locked in quick so looked at team makeup and chose Sona. I can actually play Sona as support in Classic PvP and do well – she’s the one toon and role I am relatively comfortable with in Classic PvP.

The match didn’t go so well for our side. My lane partner, Akali, kept dying, and that was in good part due to errors I made. We got behind in the match as time passed and most of us moved to pushing or defending mid. At that point the other side got very good at singling me out in team fights asap and killing me. Again, I wasn’t playing all that great either.

Enough back story. I was with Morganna against one or two opponents and I killed one when he was down to like a few points of health. So did not mean to, but so did it. Morganna goes off about my ks, even after I apologized and said I wasn’t playing for kills. Morganna held that grudge all the way into the chat lobby post the match, yelling REPORT and explaining it was my ks. And I had all of 2 kills the entire 45 minute+ match!! ROFL.