ARAM with Anivia

Anivia can be absolutely killer in ARAM. She is one of my favorite AP champions in ARAM, and I love when I roll her.

Her passive, Rebirth, is actually quite useful, given that you cannot recall to your platform and heal in ARAM. I almost always manage to revive post my first Rebirth, assuming I’ve died at a relatively low level; though subsequent Rebirth successes depend highly on team composition and play. I would guess that I actually survive (to revive) about half the time Rebirth proc’s in ARAM.

Her E, Frostbite, does double damage anytime an enemy is slowed by either her W, Flashfrost, or her ultimate, Glacial Storm. With so many champions in easy range and two different slow spells, you can net the double damage on a consistent basis.

In my opinion, Anivia’s ARAM bread-and-butter is her ultimate. With a short 6s cooldown, Anivia can quasi-spam it when needed, such as:

  • Protecting towers – Few champs want to endure the driving snow to get to the tower. The combo of tower aggro plus Anivia’s AOE ultimate can be devastating.
  • When enemy teams try to engage – When two or more enemy champions have committed to an attack on an ally, you can punish their aggressiveness and usually net kills or assists.
  • Clearing minion waves – A great way to quickly clear out minions prior to a tower push or whenever needed, and you can reduce the overall mana cost by quickly toggling it off.

Anivia’s W can also stun, but it is a skill shot. While it is relatively easy to target an enemy for the damage and slow, you must activate it again at just the right moment to stun (unless, of course, you can perfectly gauge the distance to the enemy champ such that the spell reaches maximum range and the enemy champ at the same time). Super nice when you get the stun but it does require quite a bit of finesse in many situations to land it.

Anivia - Bird of Prey Skin


To Ease My Troubled Mind

So no, of course not. Diamond in ARAM is, as I feared, 601 wins. Really?!? That’s another 100 wins away. Big Sigh.

In the meantime, I am contemplating writing short ARAM champion guides as a way to bide my time. Despite the guides likely being rife with oversight, errors and downright bad advice; it would amuse me greatly and give me something to enjoy through the long slog of another 100 ARAM wins.

And no, I have not been playing Normal matches as I promised myself, even with the Team Builder queue now available. The 45-minute or more matches are just 15-30 minutes too long for me. I just can’t find a way to make it happen right now, so ARAM it is.

And beware, an ARAM Guide to Anivia is likely about to hit the wire.