Smart Ping

Aha! Finally found the info on the new ‘smart ping’ system here: Now gotta start another custom game and try that. Did get proficient pretty fast with Ctrl key to level up skills (yea!) but still have to to stop and think about which key for which type of ping, so hoping this will go more smoothly. New skills, new skills, happy dance, happy dance….



How is it that I’ve played as long as I have and I have absolutely no idea how to ping? Seriously. There is likely a very cold place in League hell with my name on it. It’s even possible that my ignorance is an offense punishable by the Tribunal.

In my defense, I tend to be a follower in video games. I rarely tell someone else what to do. I watch the ebb and flow and fill in where I am needed, or watch for other people’s pings and respond if I can. But I ended up in the most miserable intermediate bots game last night, largely because I was just terrible (like really, really terrible), and also because I was playing with a great number of newbies. Here was a case where I needed to communicate and other than type, type typing, I had no way to do that. I am ping-less.

Here’s what I’ve found after a few searches. Gonna jump into a custom game and try this out. Also discovered how to level up my skills with Ctrl+Q/W/E/R. Whoa! I use keyboard keys for all skills and summoner spells, as I’ve played enough gamesĀ  to understand the speed benefit, but somehow that one has escaped me as well. Please, don’t anybody tell Riot!

  • ”Care” pings to make people look at minimap and take caution:
    ”care” = The yellow ping ( [V] + click on mini-map ) < your lane.
    ”care” = The yellow ping ( [CTRL] + click on mini-map ) < your lane.
  • ”Go” pings to mark a champ or a place to attack with someone:
    ”go” = The blue ping ( [G] + click on mini-map) < where you want it
    ”go” = The blue ping ( [ALT] + click on mini-map) < where you want it