Got 200!

Not much to say as not much happens. Woo hoo….*silence*….200 wins in ARAM….*more silence, crickets chirping in chorus*….NOBODY CARES!!

It’ll take 300 towers and 300 wins to get platinum badges, at least based on reading the forums. There is no reward for this milestone except if you count another 2 months of exclusively ARAM matches to get those plats. They won’t count for a Season 3 summoner frame. They do little for any play cred as it’s ARAM, not Classic and not Ranked. The stat caps for specific badges in ARAM only really matter if you like the pretty badges to show up when you browse your stats. OK, I’m glossing things over, but you get the point.

Yet in my small world of League of Legends gaming, I am compelled to post it.

ARAM 200 Wins 09.29.13


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