Been Too Long

Of late I have had only sporadic and scatteredĀ moments to play. When those moments arrive, I have been working on Karma or Elise or another new (to me) champ. So each game has been either a little to a lot disappointing. Working into a new champ, at least for me, takes a good bit of time.

So this morning I had some solid freeĀ time to play. Pulled out one of my all-time favorite champs, Miss Fortune, and jumped into a low stress intermediate Classic bots game. Always nice to share a first name with a fave champ plus it felt so, so good to get in a solid game for the first time in quite a while.

Miss Fortune 04.05.13


A Good Game

It was with some trepidation that I launched into a Classic draft pick normal game. I don’t like to do poorly and get yelled at, and well, that does sometimes happen. But a game of League was my treat to myself for mowing the front yard and now I am basking in the glow of an easy team win…and I was never yelled at, even when I banned Maokai instead of Malphite (hey, I was distracted by the dog barking like mad in the back yard and wondering if I would have to leave my ‘puter to settle things down, heaven forbid). Played Sona support and went 4/0/21. Aaaaahhhh….I love it when a game goes well.

Sona Classic Draft Pick Normal 03.08.13

Nice Win

Sometimes a Classic PvP match goes…well, pert near perfect. Just had such a match on Sona. Laned bot with Vayne. Pushed our lane perfectly. Started pulling 3 and 4 of em as they tried to shut us down but team helped out. Got Baron. Finished ’em off around 52 minutes. Good rhythm throughout. Was nice.

Now the dilemma is do I go to bed on a good note, or push my luck and try one more before bed? (PS I decided to savor the win and crawled into bed around 1am).