LoL’s New Cinematic Rocks

Logged into League of Legends today and after a brief patch, was greeted to the link to the new cinematic. It is truly incredible, in my humble opinion, and it gives me chill bumps watching it. My fave moments include:

  • The realism of Twisted Fate in the opening scene
  • How you get a panned in close-up of Twisted Fates stun card before he hurls it at Fiddlesticks
  • The shift to the battle between Ryze and an unknown opponent
  • The slo-mo moment where one of Ryze’s scrolls gets lopped off by Nocturne’s blade
  • The animation of Ryze’s spell book as he sets up a one-two combo against Nocturne
  • Katarina’s amazing agility, speed and tumbling skills as she goes at it with Garen – particularly as she spins horizontally in the air before landing
  • When Katarina blows her hair out of her face (watch for it if you missed it!)
  • The appearance of Annie and the perfect child-like music as she cuddles Tibbers
  • The flaming rage of Tibbers as he is called forth to battle against Tryndamere
  • And the appearance of Baron to wrap it all up

Makes me want to see more, more, more!


Quadra Kill Spree

Hopped into an ARAM match and was thrilled that I rolled Morgana. Luv it! The downer was that we lost. Playing against both Zyra and Heimerdinger made it really difficult to push with all the crap they were dropping in lane. But here’s the incredibly amazing part….I scored not just one but two, count ’em two, quadra kills! WOOOOOOT – I luv league XD.

Luv’in ARAM

So despite the length of time since my last post, I have been happily playing League in the rare free moments I have these days (starting your own business is time-consuming!). No grand plans to play Ranked or even Normal. Most days I just can’t muster the focused attention it requires.

My fave moments of late have been duking it out in the All Random All Mid (ARAM) map. Now I have definitely had some pretty crappy games, rolling a melee champ or one that I haven’t played in forever. But I did have an amazing match recently on Lux. Granted we had a near ideal team with 4 ranged champs and Darius. We completely rolled over the enemy team with a total of almost 200 team assists. It rocked!

One of the things I love about ARAM is that it forces me to play champs that I may not have played for a long time or to create new strategies with champs that wouldn’t work (as well or at all) in Classic or Dominion. I rolled Xerath for a match and internally went “uggh” but it ended up being a fabulous match for me, using his Locus of Power on W to root him in place and dish out a devastating Arcanopulse. Even better was when his ult was up and I could follow up three times with his Arcane Barrage. Total fun!

Another bonus is that ARAM is extremely fast-paced like Dominion so that it minimizes and often eliminates any sniping. I did play Taric last night and was rightfully bashed by one player who venomously instructed me to never play Ranked. Hell no I wouldn’t play Ranked with Taric! He is still very much a work in progress for me.

And then the third thing that is a blast with ARAM is that support characters can be a real delight to play. No chasing your carry or finding yourself solo in lane….your allies are always close at hand and any support that can heal is a huge boon given that you cannot heal on your platform.

So once the youngest heads off to preschool I think I will sneak in a match or two!