Longest Match Ever

I continue to play predominantly ARAM matches, not only because they’re a blast but because they tend to wrap up in less than 30 minutes, with most taking 20 to 25 minutes and from time to time those that quickly wrap up in 15 minutes or less.

This morning was my first never-ending ARAM match. Our team was well ahead in kills and had pushed all the way to their inhibitor but we couldn’t finish it off. This allowed the enemy team to level to 18 and a temporary stalemate ensued. While they managed to slowly take down our lane towers, the majority of the action was on their end of the lane. They stubbornly and repeatedly pushed us back, killing one or two of us such that we couldn’t press on without risking a loss due to the entire team stuck resurrecting on the platform. It takes so much patience to be so close and not win, but we kept it together and finally…finally….brought down their nexus.

It was definitely one of my very best matches, accumulating 196K in total damage and racking up a more-than-respectable number of kills and assists. I had so much money that I couldn’t do much with it after a while. I had my full build and then near the end swapped out a couple of primarily offensive items for more defensive items with the thought that staying alive to finish things was far more important than the extra damage I was giving up.

Downside was I inadvertently missed my morning Pilates class. Because ARAM matches are typically so predictable relative to max time, I had started a new match assuming it would be done and I’d leave to drive the short distance to my class. Oops!

Longest ARAM Match to Date - August 11th, 2013

Longest ARAM Match to Date - Lux's Stats


Luv’in ARAM

So despite the length of time since my last post, I have been happily playing League in the rare free moments I have these days (starting your own business is time-consuming!). No grand plans to play Ranked or even Normal. Most days I just can’t muster the focused attention it requires.

My fave moments of late have been duking it out in the All Random All Mid (ARAM) map. Now I have definitely had some pretty crappy games, rolling a melee champ or one that I haven’t played in forever. But I did have an amazing match recently on Lux. Granted we had a near ideal team with 4 ranged champs and Darius. We completely rolled over the enemy team with a total of almost 200 team assists. It rocked!

One of the things I love about ARAM is that it forces me to play champs that I may not have played for a long time or to create new strategies with champs that wouldn’t work (as well or at all) in Classic or Dominion. I rolled Xerath for a match and internally went “uggh” but it ended up being a fabulous match for me, using his Locus of Power on W to root him in place and dish out a devastating Arcanopulse. Even better was when his ult was up and I could follow up three times with his Arcane Barrage. Total fun!

Another bonus is that ARAM is extremely fast-paced like Dominion so that it minimizes and often eliminates any sniping. I did play Taric last night and was rightfully bashed by one player who venomously instructed me to never play Ranked. Hell no I wouldn’t play Ranked with Taric! He is still very much a work in progress for me.

And then the third thing that is a blast with ARAM is that support characters can be a real delight to play. No chasing your carry or finding yourself solo in lane….your allies are always close at hand and any support that can heal is a huge boon given that you cannot heal on your platform.

So once the youngest heads off to preschool I think I will sneak in a match or two!

Perfecting Lux

I was getting frustrated a bit with Lux yesterday. Timing that darn Lucent Singularity so that it explodes for damage at the right time is a total bear. Then today I reread the abilities text – DOH! Hit your E again, dummy, and it explodes when you want it. Crazy how much difference that tiny little detail can make. I am still making the mistake of popping Light Binding on Q before I have a singularity or other attack set up, but getting good at using it to escape or to snare folks in team fights and am generally decent with skill shots. I am also spamming my shield easily on W so that’s good.

I still need to work out the best timing for Lux’s ult. Occasionally it is pretty darn obvious when to pop it but I haven’t played her enough to know how far down champs should be before I get the kill with it. If I wait too long, they either escape or other folks get the kill. The escaping is frustrating and having other folks get the kill is fine…I personally love assists as much as kills (well, almost as much ;))…but it’s a waste of her ult. To counter, I am trying to just use it when it makes sense and it’s up so I get more practice and can see how much damage it does depending on my level, build and other champ.

Now that I am officially in love with Lux I did purchase the Steel Legion skin. As many have already noted, her skins are pretty “weh” overall, despite having a number of them. Of all of them I think I made the right choice, though many people really love the Spell Thief skin. Would love to see them update the artwork for the Sorceress skin – the in game visuals are actually pretty good – and if they could fix the in game visuals for Imperial Lux I think the artwork is totally boss. I’ve read several folks describe the Imperial Lux in game as looking like a McDonald’s employee (red hat and all). Not that appealing…

Anyhoo, enough rambling about Lux and on to one more game before I need to get serious about the day and get “real work” done. Ha!

Gleefully Giggling

There are so many things about League that I love but one is certainly how fresh the game can still be after playing almost daily for about 9 months. Lux is now my girl (after only 2 fabulous intermediate bots games) with Quinn a solid second, so that only a week or so after posting my fave champions, the list already looks pretty different. Add to that honing my skills in solo top and jungling as well as continuing to learn the overall meta game in Classic and I am a gleefully giggling happy player who has many more months of total fun in the works with League. Thank you, Riot, for the simple joy you bring to my life.

Time to queue up for more intermediate bots…still working on Lux’s shield and remembering to use it appropriately in my rotation. I keep forgetting I have it!

My Fave Escape

Work is done. Dishes done. Load of laundry going. Kids put to bed. And now I get to play!! Thinking I’ll go total escape and relaxation with an intermediate bots game on Lux (since I’m 12 minutes into the Dominion PvP queue and no luck). Had so much fun with her earlier today I’ll just enjoy and work on getting her gameplay down pat.

On a side note, got a great comment on one of my earlier posts about the trials of learning to jungle and the difficulties of snarky, in-game sniping. So satisfying to have a friendly back-and-forth with a fellow blogger and LoL player. Many thanks to TwoHP – your blog totally rocks!!

Lux Rox

So I have had Lux in my arsenal for a long time now. For the life of me I can’t recall why I haven’t really played her. Maybe because her brother, Garen, annoys me so?

But after watching stream after stream come through with Lux as part of a ranked team, plus how much I and everyone else hates her ult when playing against her (it’s amazing how hard it is to get out of the way of that red laser warning), I decided to give her a spin. In fact, I think today is the first time I have ever played her, go figure!

Net net is that she is a complete and total blast to play! How have I been missing out for so long? Her ult is as amazing as one would expect and I am happy to say that the “aaaaayah!” that she yells just prior is quite satisfying (as opposed to annoying). Then you have a stun, a slow and a shield, the latter of which I never used and spec’d last but likely very useful once I learn to maximize its boomerang goodness. Gonna keep playing her against intermediate bots until I have it down and then voila, another gal I can pull out in Normal draft matches.