Second Go on Taric

Played a quick Classic bots game to get my first win of the day bonus and went with Taric. This time things went much better. I maxed Q and E for the heal and the damage and began to have a few things just happen right, at times getting into a good rhythm. Will need to figure out how to work W into the mix, but the game went relatively quick…was only level 15 when it ended, typical for most Classic beginner bot matches.

He is growing on me – in a good way. Need to continue to remind myself that E has a bit of range (though does do more damage closer you are). He’s a big dude with heavy armor and a huge sword so visually he screams melee (which he is for the most part). Getting in more play time helps me overcome the visual cues and know without thinking that I can be a bit back of my target if I so choose with that particular attack.

Verdict is still out whether he makes onto my “most played” list.


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