Gleefully Giggling

There are so many things about League that I love but one is certainly how fresh the game can still be after playing almost daily for about 9 months. Lux is now my girl (after only 2 fabulous intermediate bots games) with Quinn a solid second, so that only a week or so after posting my fave champions, the list already looks pretty different. Add to that honing my skills in solo top and jungling as well as continuing to learn the overall meta game in Classic and I am a gleefully giggling happy player who has many more months of total fun in the works with League. Thank you, Riot, for the simple joy you bring to my life.

Time to queue up for more intermediate bots…still working on Lux’s shield and remembering to use it appropriately in my rotation. I keep forgetting I have it!


3 thoughts on “Gleefully Giggling

  1. Haha I know that feeling! I never remember that darned shield, and I can often have trouble finding the W button in general. Oh, and don’t get me started on using item actives. If you find a cool way to remember other than saving someone’s life with the shield, which I guess is pretty cool but apparently not enough for me, you must let me know!

    • Yea, item actives are a totaly b*@!? to remember. So far I don’t have a great solution. My working theory is to always have certain items in the same slots – I do this for wards – so that I know which number key to push, though this means you have to drag and drop items into the desired slots while in game. Precious seconds lost. If you have a mouse with more than 3 buttons, you can assign a number or keystroke to one of the buttons and use the mouse button to activate the item rather than the number key. However, this still requires keeping said item in the same numerical slot as well as remembering to use the mouse button! Bottom line is you just have to get the muscle and cognitive memory down cold, and item actives is way down on the list of things to remember for me at this point XD.

      • I do something similar with having my main item actives on the same keys all the team. I experimented with the mouse buttons, but I still found I was forgetting them. I think you’re right. It’s going to come down to practice practice practice

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