Ranked or Normal?

Per previous posts, I had set off on a humble mission to reach Bronze in Ranked but after about 4 or 5 games I am reconsidering. For one, I could use some more Normal games under my belt in certain roles, particularly solo top and jungle. I am really weak on both as was evidenced by my miserable showing on Irelia as solo top and my to date wildly unsuccessful jungle attempts against bots.

The second reason is that folks take Ranked way, way too seriously IMHO. It would be one thing if I were in a higher tier but I’m down at the bottom with all the other ranked noobs. I expected there to be some slack within that group but there is always, it seems, at least one person who will moan and gripe the entire game. What is unfortunate is that Normal isn’t all that much better, so a part of me wonders if I shouldn’t just go for Ranked anyway as it’s not like I avoid the trash talk in Normal.

I am pretty good at ignoring idiots but there are those days when it gets under my skin as much as I try not to let it. League player behavior is definitely the topic du jour. It isn’t hard to find long discussions on the problem (a good one is here) and PAX East is even devoting a panel discussion to the topic.

I love the game too much to stop playing for sure, but am curious to see how I weather the griping in Normal and Ranked. Bots at least keep their mouths shut (oh wait, no they don’t anymore! ;)). And on a side note, one thing I actually really, really love about Dominion is that there is hardly ever any serious complaining, even in PvP. I think part of this is the extremely fast pace of the gameplay…you bitch, you die, and in short order.


3 thoughts on “Ranked or Normal?

  1. I’m always amazed at the people who freak out in normal games when something goes wrong or you want to try something new. Though I actually had my day made when one person went off, I reminded him it was just a normal, and he actually agreed and stopped complaining. I think it helped that I had pretty good score at that point. People always seem more willing to listen if your KDR is positive haha.

    Also, don’t beat yourself up for having trouble jungling with bots. A leash is pretty much necessary these days, and I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to try something weird in the jungle only to die at the blue buff before I can really get started 🙂

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