Forum Post’ll Make You Smile

So as I embark on my Ranked adventure (whoa, I’m all of 2 and 3, watch out!), I realized two things: 1) I don’t know the jungle well enough and 2) well, I’ve never jungled! ACK!!

An internet search ensued for “jungling 101 lol” and up pops a post from January 2011 from someone on the EU servers. I am only a few paragraphs into it, but it is so funny!! This guy has no lack of hyperfrenetic writing energy and his story of how he learned English cracks me up. I quote:

I apologize in advance for my faulty english….totally derives from insulting other guy´s moms and random forum-flaming. Digital era rocks.

I have no idea yet whether the jungling info in the post is any good but the post is IMHO, well worth at least a scan if not full out read:


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