Longest Match Ever

I continue to play predominantly ARAM matches, not only because they’re a blast but because they tend to wrap up in less than 30 minutes, with most taking 20 to 25 minutes and from time to time those that quickly wrap up in 15 minutes or less.

This morning was my first never-ending ARAM match. Our team was well ahead in kills and had pushed all the way to their inhibitor but we couldn’t finish it off. This allowed the enemy team to level to 18 and a temporary stalemate ensued. While they managed to slowly take down our lane towers, the majority of the action was on their end of the lane. They stubbornly and repeatedly pushed us back, killing one or two of us such that we couldn’t press on without risking a loss due to the entire team stuck resurrecting on the platform. It takes so much patience to be so close and not win, but we kept it together and finally…finally….brought down their nexus.

It was definitely one of my very best matches, accumulating 196K in total damage and racking up a more-than-respectable number of kills and assists. I had so much money that I couldn’t do much with it after a while. I had my full build and then near the end swapped out a couple of primarily offensive items for more defensive items with the thought that staying alive to finish things was far more important than the extra damage I was giving up.

Downside was I inadvertently missed my morning Pilates class. Because ARAM matches are typically so predictable relative to max time, I had started a new match assuming it would be done and I’d leave to drive the short distance to my class. Oops!

Longest ARAM Match to Date - August 11th, 2013

Longest ARAM Match to Date - Lux's Stats


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