Been Too Long

Of late I have had only sporadic and scattered moments to play. When those moments arrive, I have been working on Karma or Elise or another new (to me) champ. So each game has been either a little to a lot disappointing. Working into a new champ, at least for me, takes a good bit of time.

So this morning I had some solid free time to play. Pulled out one of my all-time favorite champs, Miss Fortune, and jumped into a low stress intermediate Classic bots game. Always nice to share a first name with a fave champ plus it felt so, so good to get in a solid game for the first time in quite a while.

Miss Fortune 04.05.13


One thought on “Been Too Long

  1. Somehow, this game always ends up welcoming us back with open arms. No matter how fed up with it I get, it always feels great to get a nice bot game in after being away for a few days. Probably why so many people love it, and I can’t blame them 🙂

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