Tried to get a Dominion PvP match but after a 20 minute queue and no match yet, I hopped into a Classic PvP match. Admittedly, my skills at PvP on Summoner’s Rift are at best average. Wanted to play Morganna but she got locked in quick so looked at team makeup and chose Sona. I can actually play Sona as support in Classic PvP and do well – she’s the one toon and role I am relatively comfortable with in Classic PvP.

The match didn’t go so well for our side. My lane partner, Akali, kept dying, and that was in good part due to errors I made. We got behind in the match as time passed and most of us moved to pushing or defending mid. At that point the other side got very good at singling me out in team fights asap and killing me. Again, I wasn’t playing all that great either.

Enough back story. I was with Morganna against one or two opponents and I killed one when he was down to like a few points of health. So did not mean to, but so did it. Morganna goes off about my ks, even after I apologized and said I wasn’t playing for kills. Morganna held that grudge all the way into the chat lobby post the match, yelling REPORT and explaining it was my ks. And I had all of 2 kills the entire 45 minute+ match!! ROFL.


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