Got 90

Woot, woot!! Just snagged ARAM win #90 playing dearly beloved Ashe, making this a very fitting 90th blog post.

I don’t play Ashe much anymore. For some reason I rarely roll her in ARAM, but like many, she was my first champ and as you’ve seen in previous posts, I see her multiple times a day as she adorns the back of my smartphone.

Not a really special match per se. We had Lux, Soraka, Karthus and a fifth champion whose name totally escapes me. We were strong from the get go and in large part due to Karthus with good support from Soraka and Lux. I didn’t have a great match but did put together a mean Attack Speed build that was mowing folks down near the end. Watching her animation with 2+ attacks per second as we were taking down the nexus was quite pleasing (and a bit surreal).

So it’s 10 more wins and I have my gold in ARAM!!


2 thoughts on “Got 90

  1. Not much more to go! I meant to ask you, did you play ARAMs before they developed the que or is this something you started doing after? How do you find the players to be like in ARAMs? Have you had better interactions? Fewer interactions? More negativity? Have you noticed the mood shifting at all? Some people have told me that they’ve noticed people have started taking ARAMs more seriously than before and they’re not having as much fun as they once were.

    Sorry for all the questions, just wanted to pick your brain because I still haven’t logged a ton of ARAMs myself.

  2. I only started playing ARAM recently, aka once the queue was in place. I generally find the players to be more congenial and laid back in comparison to normal Classic, though in truth I haven’t played Classic (other than against bots with my son) in a long time.

    Most of the time the player interactions are really pleasant. Folks typically understand that the random rolls mean you may be stuck with a champ you don’t know or don’t play well and lots of “nj” when things go well. But then there are also generally fewer interactions, so less chance for someone to rage if they cared to.

    I have noticed more intensity from a few players of late but so far it hasn’t affected my general enjoyment (as I tend to be highly competitive but also very forgiving). There is the occasional rager but the playstyle of ARAM limits how much you can rage.

    I have been sticking with ARAM because it allows me to play PvP with time-constrained matches, a typically super short queue, and limited to rare toxicity. Dominion is another fave of mine but the PvP queues can be ages long, or at least they were before I started playing ARAM.

    P.S. I do have 100+ wins now but waiting for 3-4 more tower takedowns to crow about my 2 gold plus 1 plat badges. It’s not much but it makes me happy 🙂

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