Luv’in Taric in Season 4

So my new goal for 2014 is to buff up my Classic gameplay. I still love ARAM, and getting very close to posting 400 ARAM wins, but I’ve been avoiding leveling up my Classic gameplay for too long now. A new year, a new season…I figure it’s a good time to get started.

To begin, my plan is to tuck at least 100 Normal Classic wins under my belt before heading back into Ranked queues. I realize that may seem like far too few, but I did manage to snag a Silver V ranking before the end of Season 3. That being said, I’ve got to have a helluva lot more Summoner’s Rift experience if I want to consistently play Ranked well.

Despite the Season 4 changes, seems like no one ever calls bot support in Normal Classic. Luckily I love to play support! I am finding that Taric is a solid bot support, assuming a typical bottom lane on the opponent’s side, despite the Season 3 nerfs. His kit scales so nicely off armor, including his passive, and he has a heal and easy point-and-click stun. I’ve posted 3 or 4 wins in a row playing him.

On my to do list, however, is figuring out what I am supposed to do as a support when the team scatters to the jungle to farm in the typical ebb and flow of the game. I don’t find Taric, or really any traditional support, to be that good farming solo. I can ward but I’ve usually placed whatever wards I can by this time. Do I follow a teammate while they farm jungle camps? What is the general rule of thumb as a support during these game moments? Clue me in via comments but in the meantime, I’m going to see what I can find online.


5 thoughts on “Luv’in Taric in Season 4

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who still loves Taric. He has long been my staple support and I’m sad I don’t play him nearly as much anymore.

    There are definitely some options for you when your lanes go missing. You can follow your ADC or whoever to split some XP and provide experience off of the jungle creeps.

    Taric’s stun is amazing for ganks, and he is a great candidate to build mobility boots on, so feel free to roam to a different lane and try and make a play there.

    You can also go and support other lanes that might need help. This usually only happens if your own turret is down. Also, if you see that the other support has left it is often advisable to follow them to any lane they show up in unless you are needed bot to take a turret or get a kill.

    If you’re looking to encourage your team to get out of your own jungle and keep making plays consider placing more aggressive wards in the enemy jungle near buffs and other choke points. Sometimes these aggressive wards encourage your team to get together and try and make a play. Everyone loves getting kills after all.

    Finally, never feel ashamed to stay in lane and farm. Support farming can be tricky, no doubt, but even just getting the XP from the minions dying around you can be worth it. If the enemy support isn’t roaming, your wards are down and nothing else is happening then feel free to get yourself a bit of farm!

    Sorry for the mini essay but I love getting a chance to talk support! I hope this helps you in your quest to get those 100 normal wins. I’m sure you’ll pick them up in no time šŸ™‚

    • This is fabulous! Exactly the kind of information that is super helpful to me at this point (aka the mini essay rocked). A few rereads will be needed to soak this into my aging brain plus many games to try out and solidify, but great stuff! Seriously, most appreciated, 2HP. A few noob questions if you care to chat more:

      1-So I follow my ADC or another teammate into the jungle to farm. Any rules of thumb? Or taboo practices? Mostly looking for anything that works well or that will screw up the jungler or other teammates. As support, would I avoid taking red buff for example (that one seems like a yes) but it is OK to grab blue (also think yes just not sure)? I generally want to avoid do something dumb ass that I might not think of or any tips on making the most of it.

      2-Mobility boots for Taric make sense put that way. I’ll remember that one (cuz many of the best moments as Taric is setting up a kill for a teammate with your stun). Any archetypal situations that call for moving to another lane to gank? Any situations where you should avoid it? Again, just digging for a few tidbits (if you have the interest in enlightening me). I think part of my challenge as support is knowing when it is OK to leave your ADC and when it’s imperative to be with them. I am slowly getting better at discerning such things, but any more thoughts appreciated.

      3-So supporting other lanes that might need help “if your own turret is down” … is this because other lanes are likely to get pushed harder because your own lane has lost a turret? Fishing for why then. And great tip on following an enemy support to other lanes. Hadn’t thought of that but nice clear time to watch out and consider moving.

      4-Love, love the concept of aggressive warding. Totally makes sense and something I wouldn’t have thought to do without you pointing it out. Can’t wait to try it! I have always thought of warding defensively, so this opens up possibilities.

      5-Good to know I can farm if it makes sense. I’m getting slightly better at paying attention to map relative to minion activity as a way to gauge whether I should stay in lane and farm or go roam (e.g., don’t let your own turret go down needlessly if you can help it just because the lane has been abandoned for a time, timing return to lane when you have a nice fat wave of minions to farm, etc.) so this helps my confidence in doing so if it makes sense.

      Again, many thanks for the thoughtful reply. Cheers!

  2. 1. Feel free to damage jungle creeps or even just be the one standing nearest to them so that you are taking damage and your teammate isn’t. Always error on the side of avoiding striking the killing blow unless your teammate obviously offers it up. Only take buffs when offered. Generally speaking I only ask for buffs when I’m playing with people I know. It’s just such a touchy thing that it’s really not worth risking someone getting mad about. Most supports will only follow their ADC’s into the jungle. Junglers really shouldn’t need your help. I would also follow your mid around if you think they might be in danger but not to help them farm

    2. Ganking other lanes is generally a rare experience for supports. If anything the mobility boots will do you more good in starting team fights than by turning you into a gank machine. There are probably a lot more reasons to stay in lane than to actually leave it to gank another one. Personally, I will only go if my bot lane is ahead and there’s no one else in the lane at the moment except me, so maybe my ADC backed and the other bot lane is pushed out or backed. Again, the safer bet is to stay in lane. You can never go wrong just getting the xp even if you are missing your last hits and when you leave your ADC alone, no matter how far ahead you think you are, they always run the risk of getting killed. ADCs are silly and tend to require constant babysitting šŸ˜‰

    The other times you might consider going elsewhere would be when the other support is going other places or basically when your lane is super far behind and there’s nothing you can do in it except let your ADC farm. That may sound confusing, but trust me, you’ll know when it’s happening.

    3. Sorry, i’ve been reading and responding. I think you get it. That’s exactly it. Your lane is so far behind that really only your ADC has anything to do in it and the other team’s bot lane is going to attack your team in other lanes. That’s when you should consider going to help your team unless you are so far behind that you have no help to offer.

    4. Wards are amazing things and if you understand that, which it sounds like you do, then you are well on your way to being a great support. My only piece of advice is to try and avoid getting caught when you go to put down those aggressive wards. Consider only doing it when your jungler is nearby, you know the other jungler is top or above mid or you just killed the other team’s adc or support. Wards, to a lot of great players, are worth dying to put down but living is definitely the better option – and the one that is less likely to get you yelled at.

    5. Yup, you get it. More than even saving your tower, save the enemy minions from dying in vane. If your ADC won’t get there to get the gold you might as well just take it for yourself. An advanced thing you can do is help freeze your lane for your ADC. So let’s say your ADC is almost back in lane and the wave of enemy minions is heading for your tower. You can walk up to the enemy minion wave and get the minions to start attacking you, preferably right before they enter tower range. You then simply stand there and hold the minions in place until your adc gets back to kill them. You can actually take a lot of damage doing this, so I only recommend doing it when your ADC is close by and when the enemy lane isn’t around to attack you. Doing this can help you “freeze the lane” a term you might have heard in passing. I can gladly explain some of that to you, but the first step is just getting back to being comfortable playing in lane and using your champ. There’s plenty of time to learn about the other stuff once you’ve got a handle on that.

    And last but not least don’t doubt yourself! And when you inevitably end up frustrated by some silly ADC feel free to unload on them via your blog because us other support mains will always be there to shake our heads with you. Ours is one of the most vital, thought intensive, thankless positions in the game, but it is definitely satisfying when done right.

    Sorry again for the length. Feel free to keep asking me questions and I would love to hear how your games are going. I always felt like there wasn’t a lot of great advice for support players. There’s a thousand guides teaching you how to play top or mid or jungle but very few telling you how to support.

    • Thank you again!! Amazing info and super helpful. I’ve got a lot to learn but this helps a lot. I agree that there is a scarcity of good support guides and information online. Watching matches is helpful, but knowing the why behind what you see is what lets you generalize to new situations, thus the value of spoken or written guides and advice. I so appreciate the time you took in your responses and will let you know how things go.

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