Gold Update

Playing lots of ARAM matches and have accrued another 15 wins since my last post for a total of 77. A few highlights of late include:

  • I had a zero death match with Sivir….yes folks, I never died, and no I wasn’t AFK and lounging on the platform and I was accruing my fair share of kills. It definitely elicited some awestruck comments from other players and was a very satisfying moment. It was quite hilarious to be running around with my starting boots and items.
  • I think I have finally gotten the hang of Syndra, that sphere-wielding temptress. For the longest time I just couldn’t play her at all, so am happy that I look forward to rolling her these days.
  • I rolled Riven several times and I personally LOVE her new ‘do and default artwork. Seriously…I am taking a picture to my stylist at my next appointment and am getting my hair just like that.

Fun, fun, fun….gonna feel like forever before I get the next 20+ wins but having a blast along the way.


2 thoughts on “Gold Update

  1. I never get to play her as much as I would like but Riven is my favorite champion in the game. I was skeptical about her new look but it is definitely growing on me. That is definitely some awesome Sivir’ing! Keep that up and I’m sure the 20 wins will come fast 🙂

  2. Riven is the boss, I totally agree. I love playing her and I’ve heard many folks say the same about her new look. But as a short-haired blonde I couldn’t help but fall in love. I’m up to 83 ARAM wins but getting sidetracked with Magic 2014 of all things. As always appreciate the comments and shared passion for LoL.

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