League Razer Sphex Mousing Surface

If you haven’t noticed, I went on a League of Legends online shopping trip recently. As noted in the previous post, I am waiting for my smartphone Ashe skin to arrive. The other bit of League paraphernalia I purchased was a Razer Sphex “gaming grade desktop skin.” Ever since taking up residence in my home office, I’ve struggled with a super crappy mousing experience regardless of whether I used an optical or a laser mouse (and I’ve got plenty and tried them all!). Once I realized that the primary problem was the desk surface itself, I decided that a mousing pad or surface was in order.

This particular Sphex features Riot artwork with Ryze and Katarina on a rocky canyon outcropping. The mousing surface is super thin and unlike a typical mouse pad, it adheres to the desk surface (aka you have to peel off a protective layer and then stick it where you want it). So far it is working great, definitely looks great and even better, I am not cursing at my mouse when I game.


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