Drooling Over Quinn

After ultimate practice pickup, the oldest goes, “Hey Mom, there’s a new champion coming out!” Of course we both take a look right away. Can’t WAIT for Quinn and Valor to come out. Lulu has Pix and Annie has Tibbbers (and I guess Nunu has Willump) but here’s another wicked cool champion combo – Quinn and her rare Demacian eagle. Lots of interesting possibilities

  • Enough move complexity to keep you engaged – each move has two attacks based on whether Quinn or Valor is active, similar to Nidalee and her cougar and Elise and her spider form
  • Ranged crossbow as primary with Valor providing melee bursts via Tag Team (R)
  • One move that can blind nearby enemies (Q) and one move to reveal the bush (W)
  • Two moves that allow Quinn to pull quickly out of combat (E and R)

She sounds so fun, looks wicked, and come on…she has an eagle.

Also gives LoL their first Q champion!!


No Luck

Well, the infamous “last person” didn’t accept the Dominion PvP match after a pretty quick 4 minute wait. Once I had been in queue about 20 minutes total I gave it up and am jumping into a Classic intermediate bots match. Selected Miss Fortune. Not the fix I was hoping for but it’ll do.

Muscle Memory Mischief

Switching out my summoner spells can be a real headache, so much so that I’ve started to go Ghost on D and Ignite on F for every toon and every match. For a long time those two were almost always my go to choices. Then sometime after the big Season 3 patch or right before,  I started to select Clarity on F for my mana toons because it just seemed I was burning it a lot faster. A Sona without a heal, for example, is pretty useless if playing bot support in Classic. But I would hit F thinking it was Ignite and waste my Clarity or vice versa, hit F thinking it was Clarity and wasting my Ignite.

So no more Clarity on F. For my mana-dependent toons I just build differently or recall more often. Nothing worse than wasting a summoner spell.

Current Faves

Over the last month or so, I would put the following on my Current Faves list. There are many other champions I love playing, but I just haven’t as much of late.
•Morganna, Cassiopeia and Annie as AP casters
•Riven, Miss Fortune, Irelia, and Shyvana as AD
•Sona (and perhaps Taric) as support

Second Go on Taric

Played a quick Classic bots game to get my first win of the day bonus and went with Taric. This time things went much better. I maxed Q and E for the heal and the damage and began to have a few things just happen right, at times getting into a good rhythm. Will need to figure out how to work W into the mix, but the game went relatively quick…was only level 15 when it ended, typical for most Classic beginner bot matches.

He is growing on me – in a good way. Need to continue to remind myself that E has a bit of range (though does do more damage closer you are). He’s a big dude with heavy armor and a huge sword so visually he screams melee (which he is for the most part). Getting in more play time helps me overcome the visual cues and know without thinking that I can be a bit back of my target if I so choose with that particular attack.

Verdict is still out whether he makes onto my “most played” list.

Really, One More?

As I have repeatedly posted, I have been on a mini quest for silver badges in Dominion. Last night I scored what I thought was my last PvP win on Shyvana, bringing my wins total to 25. I immediately went to check my stats overview and whaaaa? It’s still bronze. So either I am misinformed on the number needed, which is totally possible, or I need to 26 wins, rather than 25, for the badge to update. Boo hoo!

On the bright side, it just means playing more Dominion PvP. That I don’t mind at all!!

Dominion Stats Overview 02.18.13

One More To Go

Just one more Dominion win for silver – woot! Silly goal, I know, but I’m excited. Been rocking Dominion with Shyvana, placing 1st in my last 3 matches. Though now I am wonderin’ what will be my next goal…silver in Classic? Much biggger time commitment and right now my only effective play option, given my current lack of Classic PvP expertise, is Sona support. So while I would eventually get the wins, I’ll be lagging in Takedowns and Minion / Monster kills. Not sure what I’ll do next. For now, my focus is one more to go!

Boyz n Lego Star Wars

I have two boys – one age 5, one age 12. Yea, crazy split in years but just the way it turned out. When the oldest was in elementary, we played hours of the Lego Star Wars games on Xbox. And now the youngest – who already plays Minecraft and even WoW – has the bug and I get to relive the memories and great gameplay all over again, now on the 360.

Both boys are on the couch, playing away on Lego Star Wars II, hunting for all the mini kits in one of the levels. They are so excited that they now have Bobba Fett and are able to get to several of the kits that had evaded them until this point. Too cute.