Bought Taric

So I luv playing Sona support in Classic and I watched @Dazed_FD play Taric in ranked today. Decided to spend some of my growing stockpile of IP on him. My champion closet is extremely estrogen heavy, by design, so we’ll see how he gels with the gals. And with me.

I also have a fascination with the AotFA skin. Femme Planet of the Apes. Is it also really an old WoW joke? Anyhoo, I’ve spent the last hour browsing Twitter and talking with DH and not playing. I better start before running out late night to grab Starbursts for the preschooler’s homeade Valentines. Which turned out fabulously.

But I digress. Playing Taric. Now. Not gonna horrify my oldest just yet with the pink Taric (though it is so awful it’s awesome). And if Taric says annoying things like Garen he might get sold back to Riot.


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