What Gives?

Can someone help me understand why the Dominion PvP queue is always sooo long? Is there that little interest in Dominion? I guess the answer is yes, given that the queues are often 20-30 minutes long. Dropped out of blind pick after 15 minutes and hopped into draft pick to see if there would be any difference and finally gave that up as well.

Makes me awful sad as I adore Dominion!. Champions that might struggle in Classic can rock in Dominion because of the smaller map and more frequent recalls. As noted in the last post, there is far less bitching and whining and sniping among players. And for me, the shorter matches are perfect as I often don’t have 45 minutes or more to devote to Classic. That being said, the queue wait time makes the overall length a wash as I can get into a Classic game almost immediately at pretty much any time of the day.

Darn…I really wanted to play Vi. Just bought her with IP after playing a match with her on my son’s account.


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